1990 In collaboration with the American Embassy, Ms.Vittoni is invited to represent Italian choreographers  at the “International Choreographers Residency Program” at the American Dance Festival in North Carolina (U.S.A.).



1994 The choreography “grig-bian-ner” is selected for the “Piattaforma Italiana dei Recontres Internationales de Choreographie de Bagnolet Seine Saint – Denis” France in collaboration with the “Festival la Versilana”, Pietrasanta.

2003 The young experimental dance troupe called “Danzatori per Caso”  is invited to partecipate at the Global Educational Festival in San Remo – Italy, to represent young emerging artists.

2010 The short film “Noi, i Colori, Loro” made with students from the Primary School of Madrignano – La Spezia  is selected for the prestigious film festival “Under Eighteen “ in Tourin – Italy.



1990 The article “La Spezia” is published on the “Contact Quarterly” issue winter 1990 (U.S.A.).

2002 Vittoni is invited from the director of the Kutztown Art Gallery to participate in the drawings in the book“Dance on Paper” exibit at Lehigh University Art Gallery in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.



2010 “In The Garden’s Mind” wins the first prize ex-equo at the “Movie Drome” Film Festival in Ferrara.

2011 “In The Garden’s Mind” receives a mention as “Meilleure Direction d’Art at the “Festival du’ Cinema de Paris”.

2011 The short film “l’IO”, made with students from the Primary School of Fabiano – La Spezia is mentioned as “best short film” for the “Bayou City Inspirational Film Festival” in U.S.A..



1996 Vittoni produces, for the Spoleto Ballet Company a choreography inspired by “The Adventures of Ulysses”, presented at Palazzo Esposizioni in Rome – Italy.

1997 Vittoni is invited by Karole Armitage, the director of the prestigious Ballet Company Maggio Danza in Florence to recreate her choreography “E in Realtà, C in Sogno, B+B inSieme”.

2000 During her artist residency at  the “Dance Place” in Washington D.C., Vittoni teaches to the local company her repertory piece “E in Realtà, C in Sogno, B+B inSieme”.

2000 Vittoni is commisioned to design the costume for the performance “Earth Trilogy” at the Teatro Romano in Fiesole – Italy, for the Florence Dance Company.



1991 the video “Elisabitangelo” shot in a ‘700 villa in Italy is shown at  the film festival  “Highlights” at the Anthology Film Archives di New York (U.S.A.).

1993 the video “Anima Marmorea”, with original music  by Jon Gibson, shot in a marble quarry in Carrrara, is broadcast by italian television network RAIUNO inside the prestigious program “Maratona D’estate” curated by Vittoria Ottolenghi.

2011 The short film “Inciampo nel Tacere” is selected as part of the visual art section for the “Laura Film Festival” in  Levanto – Italy.

2011 “In The Garden’s Mind” is selected for the section “Is it dance ?” at the “DANCE: FILM 11” in Edimburgh – Scotland.

2012 “In The Garden’s Mind “ is selected for the “Let’s dance International Festival” in Leicester – England.

2013 “In The Shadow” a short dance film is selected for the “Movie by Movers” Festival in North Carolina (U.S.A.).